What do you do?

My job description includes planning, implementation and assessment of the technical assistance projects in the fields of anti-corruption, organised crime, money laundering, terrorism financing and asset recovery.

What is your background?

Following the completion of studies in law and postgraduate studies in diplomacy, I started my professional career in 1998 in the Government of my home country, and a year later I moved to the judicial sector. My career with international organisations started with the United Nations (in 2001) before I joined the Council of Europe in 2004.

What do you like about your job?

Although European citizens are mostly aware of the organisation's role in guarding their human rights and rule of law principles, the Council of Europe staff members are given an opportunity to learn how this functions in practice and also to directly contribute, through their knowledge and expertise, in this process.

Now, I can say that I feel privileged since the knowledge gained afforded me the opportunity to examine the problems and challenges of various European jurisdictions. Further to that, working for the Council includes a number of other privileges that are equally respected in the Strasbourg Headquarters and in the field.