Back GREVIO publishes its first baseline report on Malta

GREVIO publishes its first baseline report on Malta

Today, the Council of Europe Expert Group on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO) published its first baseline evaluation report on Malta.

The report contains a comprehensive analysis of the implementation of the provisions of the Istanbul Convention. It welcomes the will to address all experiences of violence in intimate relationships, and notes the authorities’ efforts to run an increasing number of awareness raising campaigns since the entry into force of the Istanbul Convention and important steps taken towards the implementation of Article 14 in the area of education.

Nevertheless, GREVIO has observed several issues where urgent improvement is warranted to reach higher levels of compliance with the requirements of the convention. GREVIO considers that it is of paramount importance that the different forms of violence against women are addressed as a gendered phenomenon, which affect women disproportionately and are manifestations of gender-based violence against women, which is violence that is directed against a woman because she is a woman.

 Comments of the Maltese Government

 Press release : Violence against women and domestic violence in Malta: GREVIO calls for a stronger gender perspective

Media coverage

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-Times of Malta
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Strasbourg 23/11/2020
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