The Work Programme 2020-2021of the Directorate of Internal Oversight includes the following:

  • Joint Evaluation/Audit – Results Based Management System 
    Results-Based Management is one of the key performance areas to determine organisational effectiveness of multilateral organisations. DIO’s evaluation/audit of Results-Based Management in the Council of Europe will be a first as a joint audit/evaluation and demonstrates the Directorate’s commitment to experimenting with different/innovative ways of working.
    The review will assess to what extent the current system provides a management and governance tool with pertinent information for both policy and performance management; it will particularly look at the strategic objectives and indicator framework, as well as the operation of the overall programming, planning and reporting processes. The evaluation will also benchmark the Council of Europe’s Results-Based Management against other international organisations. Much of the work will be carried out by an external consultant. 


  • Democratic Governance – INGO Conference
    The Helsinki Declaration reiterated the key role played by civil society in securing a free and pluralist public debate in Europe. The Conference of INGOs has been recognised as an important political body of the Council of Europe since gaining its participatory status in 2003. Given the ever-growing concern about the status of civil society in Europe, it is a critical moment to assess the contribution made by the Conference of INGOs in giving civil society a voice within the Council of Europe and its Member States.
    The evaluation is expected to contribute to the improvement of the institutional set-up between the Conference of INGOs and the Council of Europe, assess the existing framework and identify possible avenues for future cooperation with the Conference of INGOs and implementation of its activities in the field of protecting and promoting civil society in Europe.


  • Action against Crime, Security and Protection of Citizens - Prisons and Police
    The evaluation aims at helping to optimise the CoE interventions in the fields of prisons and police. It has the potential to enhance the coherence of action as well as to identify the added value of the Council of Europe’s activities in this area.
    The evaluation will assess the degree to which the Council of Europe effectively and sustainably achieves the expected results stated under the Prisons and Police Programme line in the Programme & Budget document, the relevance, coherence and coordination of the different types of intervention of the Council of Europe and their added value in comparison with those of other actors in the field. 
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