The Work Programme 2019 of the Directorate of Internal Oversight includes the following:

  • The evaluability of the Council of Europe administrative reform
    The Council of Europe is currently undergoing an administrative reform focusing on the two main dimensions of human resources and working methods as well as the two underlying catalysers IT and buildings. The reform aims at increasing the Organisation’s attractiveness and value for money. The DIO intends to contribute to the success of the administrative reform through (i) providing an assessment of the extent to which the reform as planned can be expected to achieve its intended results and (ii) ensuring that the Council of Europe will be able to monitor progress and evaluate the achievements of the reform.


  • Evaluation of strategy development and reporting
    Strategic management is one of five performance areas against which international organisations are evaluated. This evaluation assesses the preparation and formulation of and reporting on the Council of Europe strategies. The evaluation results are expected to guide the organisation in and to provide best practices for the development of future strategies which govern the Council of Europe operational and institutional activities and programmes and therefore serve as building blocks for organisational effectiveness and performance.


  • Stock-taking of decentralised evaluations (evaluations undertaken by MAEs other than DIO)
    This assessment will look into issues such as the financing of evaluations, the selection of consultants, the quality of terms of references, staff capacity for evaluation; the quality, dissemination and publication of evaluation reports, the follow-up of recommendations and the role that decentralised evaluations can play in helping to develop an evaluation culture, as well as to promote accountability vis-à-vis donor organisations and member states. The final outcome of the stocktaking will be to propose a new decentralised evaluation framework and set up a quality assurance system.