DIO regularly provides advisory services at the request of management in various fields. The most prominent was and still is risk management for which DIO assumed at the request of the Secretary General a lead role from January 2014 to June 2016 from which date the responsibility was transferred to the Directorate General of Administration and the Office of the Directorate General of Programmes (ODGP). DIO is continuing to participate in the Risk Management Working Group in an advisory capacity.

On internal controls the internal audit division carried out audits in several major administratives entities and provides input into the internal control statement of the Secretary General for the Annual Financial Statements of the Organisation. DIO participates in the IT Governance Board, the Working Group on IT Governance and took part in the working groups set up by the Cooperation Governance Board to look into means of promoting deployment of expertise and staff to the field and efficient working methods between headquarters and the field. DIO also advises on business continuity as a follow up to earlier audits on the subject.

The evaluation division regularly provides advice to major administratives entities concerning the design and preparation of decentralised evaluations managed by them which are usually carried out by external consultants. The advice concerns the scope and methodology as defined in the terms of reference as well as the selection of consultants. The evaluation division also offers group training on these matters, in cooperation with the Human Resources training unit.