National Action Plan


Slovenia 2018
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View the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights


Main Coordinating Authority

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Drafting Process

The process commenced in 2013 with a national multi-stakeholder Forum on Business and Human rights, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In May 2014 an inter-ministerial expert sub-commission was established within the Inter-ministerial Human Rights Commission for the preparation of action plan. The national of implementation of the UNGPs (and relevant business and human rights frameworks) was assessed during the preparation phase, and the plan was prepared drawing on submissions from Government Ministries covering their respective competencies, and from consultations with stakeholders and a public discussion.

A variety of stakeholders were consulted and participated in the drafting process, including companies, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, trade unions, NGO`s and representatives of universities, with consultations held in 2017.

After several meetings the draft NAP was prepared and was adopted on the 8th November 2018.     


Main Priorities / Focus areas in the Action Plan

The main challenges identified during the preparation of the plan were discrimination; various forms of abuse in the workplace; and negative environmental impacts.

Priority actions within the NAP are:

  • prevention of discrimination and promotion of equal opportunities.
  • promotion and protection of fundamental workers’ rights, with a particular focus on precarious work.
  • prevention of, and fight against trafficking in human beings.
  • environmental protection, nature conservation, sustainable development.
  • human rights due diligence.

The NAP addresses primarily Pillars I and II of the UNGP's, citing the relevant article and providing a summary of the existing national context alongside planned measures within the above priority areas.

Review and Monitoring

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the leading authority for coordination of the implementation of the NAP. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must report to the Government every two years concerning the implementation of the NAP.

Regarding the monitoring of the implementation, a contact group has been formed composed of the representatives of Government Ministries and other stakeholders such as the Human Rights Ombudsman, representatives from the business sphere, trade unions, NGOs and academia.