Launch of the first free "HELP in the 28" course on Fight against racism, xenophobia and homophobia/transphobia online

Strasbourg 01/06/2016
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Launch of the first free

Racism and xenophobia are a widespread problem in Europe today, with anti-immigrants attitudes on the rise. Across the EU, LGBTI persons and other vulnerable groups continue to face discrimination, violence and exclusion.

We are pleased to announce that the first course EU/CoE "HELP in the 28" course on "Fight against racism, xenophobia and homophobia/transphobia" is launched in our E-learning platform in English.

The course covers in an interactive way the European non-discrimination law (from the Council of Europe and EU) and the impressive body of case law of the European Court of Human Rights and of the Court of Justice of the European Union, in addition to decision of the European Committee of Social Rights.

This course has four modules:

  • Key concepts
  • Legal framework
  • Racism and xenophobia
  • Homophobia and transphobia

Existing case law covers topics as varied as: discrimination during job recruitment or at the workplace; discrimination receiving health care; hate crimes, hate speech or harassment on racism or homophobic grounds; lack of respect for private and family life of LGBTI persons; legal gender recognition.

The course has been developed under the “HELP in the 28” Programme implemented by the Council of Europe. Funded by the EU, “HELP in the 28” is the largest training project within the EU on fundamental rights for judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

Get access to the course here:

HELP video HELP video


The video is available in several languages:

Azerbaijani - Bulgarian - French - Greek - NorwegianPolish - Russian - Spanish - Ukrainian

HELP in a nutshell HELP in a nutshell

The European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) supports the Council of Europe member states in implementing the European Convention on Human Rights (the Convention) at the national level, in accordance with the Committee of Ministers Recommendation (2004) 4, the 2010 Interlaken Declaration, the 2012 Brighton Declaration and the 2015 Brussels declaration.

This is done by enhancing the capacity of judges, lawyers and prosecutors in all 47 member states to apply the Convention in their daily work. Indeed, legal professionals, who are at the forefront of the protection of human rights, including those of victims, must benefit from high-quality training.      


"HELP in 28", funded by the European Union

The European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals in the 28 European Union Member States (HELP in the 28) supports legal professionals from the European Union in acquiring the knowledge and skills on how to refer to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter.

Furthermore, they will get familiar with the European jurisprudence. It also reinforces the HELP Network of National Institutions and Bar Associations in the European Union.


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