The main partners of the Project are EU national training institutions and bar associations, with the Romanian Institute of Magistracy and the Spanish School of Judges and Bar association as key partners.

The main beneficiaries are legal professionals of EU countries.

The main aim is to contribute to an increased protection of fundamental rights in the EU Member States in areas such as fight against racism, xenophobia and homophobia; data protection and privacy; family law; asylum; labour rights; and integrity of a person (bioethics); procedural rights in criminal proceedings and victims’ rights; asylum.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To enhance EU legal professionals’ capacities to effectively and coherently apply European fundamental rights standards at the national level and through cross-border training, mainly referring to the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights (the Charter), the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), the (revised) European Social Charter (ESC) and relevant EU and Council of Europe Law.
  2. To strengthen the HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal professionals) EU Network and increase mutual trust between EU practitioners.
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First launch of Council of Europe HELP course in Cyprus on Data Protection and Privacy Rights

21 October 2019 Nicosia

Over 50 participants comprised of judges, prosecutors, Supreme Court legal officers and lawyers from Cyprus met in Nicosia on 21 October 2019 for a seminar on data protection and the launch of the HELP course. Alongside current challenges in the field of data protection, the programme included...

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First cross-border event for the launch of the HELP course on Procedural Safeguards in Criminal Proceedings and Victims’ Rights

27 September 2019 Marbella

39 Spanish judges and lawyers were joined in Spain by 17 international lawyers from 12 EU member states for a seminar on procedural safeguards and the launch of this new HELP course. The event was organised on 27 September 2019 by the Spanish Bar Council (CGAE), as partner of the EU-Council of...

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Seminar on Radicalisation Prevention and cross-border launch on HELP course in Gathering and Use of Evidence in Counter-terrorism cases for EU legal professionals

23-24 September 2019 Strasbourg

45 judges, prosecutors, prison and probation staff meet in Strasbourg for the HELP Seminar on Radicalisation Prevention and the cross-border launch of the HELP course on Gathering and Use of Evidence in Counter-terrorism Cases. The joint event, organised under the EU-Council of Europe projects...

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