What they do

The HELP Consultative Board is a body appointed by the HELP Network for providing advisory support to the HELP Secretariat outside the meetings of the HELP Network. In this respect, the HELP Consultative Board:

  • Provides advice to the HELP Secretariat on training methodologies for legal professionals.
  • Identifies an overall strategy for the co-ordination on human rights training among relevant international and national actors.
  • Proposes priority themes for future training activities to the HELP Network.
  • Provides advice on other additional specific issues identified by the HELP Network and the HELP Secretariat.
  • Represents the HELP Programme upon request of the HELP Secretariat. 

The HELP Consultative Board co-ordinates its activities with the HELP Secretariat.

The HELP Consultative Board is composed of six members who are appointed among the representatives of the HELP Network, for a mandate of two years. It is representative of both Bar Associations (BAs) and National Training Institutions (NTIs).

The composition of the HELP Consultative Board is decided at the HELP Network Annual Conference by secret ballot of all present HELP Network members. In case an election takes place, the first six candidates to gather most of the votes are elected as HELP Consultative Board members.

Consultative Board 2018-2020 Consultative Board 2018-2020

In 2018, the new HELP Consultative Board was elected at the HELP Annual Network Conference. The members of the HELP Consultative Board are listed below. Their mandate lasts until the 2020 HELP Network Conference.

  • Julen Fernandez Conte, BA, Spain
  • Maria Andriani Kostopoulou, BA, Greece
  • Jasmina Krstenic, NTI, Serbia
  • Vladimir Palamarciuc, BA, Moldova
  • Roxana Rizoiu, NTI, Romania 
  • Jolanta Samuolyte, BA, Lithuania
Consultative Board 2016-2018 Consultative Board 2016-2018

The HELP Consultative Board who served as members between June 2016 and June 2018 were:

  • Petros Alikakos, NTI, Greece
  • Sandra Butimir, BA, Croatia
  • Jasmina Krstenic, NTI, Serbia
  • Simon O'Toole, BA, United Kingdom
  • Dagmara Rajska, BA, Poland
  • Musa Toprak, BA, Turkey
Consultative Board 2014-2016 Consultative Board 2014-2016

The HELP Consultative Board who served as members between June 2014 and June 2016 were:

  • Petros Alikakos, NTI, Greece
  • Grzegorz Borkowski, NTI, Poland
  • Sandra Budimir, BA, Croatia
  • Simon O'Toole, BA, UK
  • Beatrice Ramascanu, NTI, Romania
  • Jolanta Samuolyte, BA, Lithuania
  • Pier Giovanni Traversa, BA, Italy