High Level Conference of the Italian Presidency
of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

Tuesday 12 April 2022, 09:30 a.m.- 4:20 p.m. (CEST)

Palazzo della Farnesina, Rome, Italy and online

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Conference organised by the Italian Minister of Equal Opportunities and Family and the Council of Europe



The Council of Europe's Strategy on Gender Equality 2018-2023 calls for active participation of women and girls in decisions concerning work-life balance as a pre-requisite of economic independence and to overcome gender gaps in the public and business sectors. Among other texts, the Committee of Ministers Recommendation R(96)51 on the reconciliation of work and family life, of 19 June 1996, can be read with this idea in mind.

Attention should also be paid, in this context, to the shaping of part-time or teleworking solutions offered to employees within public administration and private enterprise: highly flexible forms of employment, supported by the necessary social and economic protection measures, can provide workers with the appropriate, balanced means to manage their professional career path.

This high-level event aimed at fostering a broad debate on some central aspects of achieving work-life balance, of preventing gender-based discrimination and overcoming social and cultural obstacles, in support of professional choices and satisfactory career paths through flexible and dynamic solutions compatible with the activities carried out in the personal, private and family spheres.


High-Level Opening Session

Session 1: Policies and reforms in favour of women's employment to encourage gender equality-examples from member States

Session 2: New policies and services to promote gender-sensitive work-life balance, inlcluding a better sharing of care responsibilities-employers' perspectives

Session 3: The different impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the work and family responsibiities of women and men

Practical information

  • Venue

The building that houses the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation was designed by the architects Enrico Del Debbio, Arnaldo Foschini and Vittorio Ballio Morpurgo, and owes its name – Farnesina – to the ancient Farnesina family estate on the site. See more

Address: Piazzale della Farnesina, 1 00135 Rome