National NGOs’ campaigns within the project “Mobilise against sexism!” were conducted by the member organisations of the European Women's Lobby (EWL) in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Spain in 2020-2021 to raise awareness and combat sexism in key sectors of society.


 A first phase of the project was conducted in 2020 in nine countries. The second phase was implemented in seven countries (all except Belgium and Ireland).

The project aimed to promote the implementation of the Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)1 on preventing and combating sexism. It used the tools produced within the Council of Europe Campaign “Sexism: See it. Say it. Stop it!”, including an action page, a video and a quiz explaining what sexism is and what can be done to prevent and combat it.

 In 2021, the EWL also published a statement with recommendations on sexism, which refers to the Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)1.

 The project was implemented by the Hungarian Women’s Lobby (HWL) in Hungary.


 HWL ran the campaign focusing on education, the media, the workplace and the public sector. HWL assisted with and facilitated the translation of Council of Europe Recommendation on preventing and combating sexism, which made it possible for Hungarian decision makers and the wider public to familiarise themselves with the concerns and goals formulated by the document.

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 In 2021, HWL shared the recommendation and the brochure to 22 women’s rights organisations and to the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Hungarian partners hope that soon they will have a personal meeting with the decision makers.

events and webinars

 21 October 2020

HWL organised the webinar “It would be useful for everyone – How should we combat sexism?” on the recommendation and the necessary steps to take for a more equal future. It was streamed on Facebook. The President of the European Women’s Lobby, Réka Sáfrány, presented the recommendation and its campaign. The guest speakers discussed the definition of sexism and described their personal experience. None of the participants work in traditionally feminine sectors or positions, and as a result of to their various backgrounds many topics were covered during the webinar.

 25 November 2020

HWL’s representative took part in the opening online event of the 16 Days of activism against violence against women. One of the topics of the event, as of the whole campaign as well, has been the continuum of sexism and violence against women. The campaign video with Hungarian subtitles was shown at the event before HWL’s intervention and the details of the recommendation regarding this issue were addressed (from 33:45 in this the video). The event was livestreamed on Facebook and watched by 9,800 viewers. In an online event on positive initiatives in the media to combat VAW, this current campaign was also mentioned.

 29 September 2021

“Hands off! Everyone would benefit 2 - How to stop sexism in the labour market?”. Event organised by HWL.

 24 November 2021

“Sexism in Hungarian higher education: experiences and evaluations”. Organised with Sociology of Law Student Study Circle of ELTE and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Budapest.

contact persons
  Réka Sáfrány, President of the European Women’s Lobby and Chair of the Hungarian Women’s Lobby & Borbála Juhász, Gender Policy Expert for the Hungarian Women’s Lobby

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