National NGOs’ campaigns within the project “Mobilise against sexism!” were conducted by the member organisations of the European Women's Lobby (EWL) in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Spain in 2020-2021 to raise awareness and combat sexism in key sectors of society.


 A first phase of the project was conducted in 2020 in nine countries. The second phase was implemented in seven countries (all except Belgium and Ireland).

The project aimed to promote the implementation of the Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)1 on preventing and combating sexism. It used the tools produced within the Council of Europe Campaign “Sexism: See it. Say it. Stop it!”, including an action page, a video and a quiz explaining what sexism is and what can be done to prevent and combat it.

 In 2021, the EWL also published a statement with recommendations on sexism, which refers to the Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)1.

 The project was implemented by the Bulgarian platform European Women's Lobby in Bulgaria.

about the national campaign about the national campaign

 The Bulgarian Platform of the EWL disseminated the recommendation at the national level through its Facebook page, as well as the websites and Facebook pages of its members, and of other umbrella organisations in the country. In Bulgaria, the general target audience is educational system and decision makers, local authorities, and media representatives.

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 Educational institutions

The Bulgarian Women’s Lobby worked closely with the Plovdiv University: Philosophy and History Faculty, and the Sociology and Human Science Department. In 2020, the faculty agreed to (a) draft a proposal for ethical rules/code of conduct on sexism; and (b) discussed the inclusion of “the impact of sexism on women and girls” in their academic curriculum. In 2021, thanks to the campaign “Mobilise Against Sexism!”, the University of Plovdiv adopted the first plan against sexism and on gender equality in the history of the Bulgarian educational system.

 Digital space/Social Media

The Bulgarian Women’s Lobby worked closely with the local Plovdiv Media association and as a result of their engagements, a proposal was also drafted for “Ethical Rules on Sexism”. In 2021, the Bulgarian Platform also started an online petition against sexism addresses the topic of sexism and the Council of Europe recommendation as a tool for preventing and combating sexism.

 The Bulgarian Government

Closely engaged and advocated the representative of the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs who was involved in overlooking the process of translation of the campaign tools to Bulgarian. The Bulgarian Women’s Lobby promoted the Council of Europe recommendation and the campaign and as a result the steady campaign and awareness raising done by BWL, sexism was included in the National Strategy for Gender Equality (2021-2030). In 2021, the BWL focused its campaign on the criminalisation of sexism under the umbrella of the hate crimes in Bulgaria.

events and webinars events and webinars

 October 2020

A webinar was organised at the Plovdiv University. The faculty agreed to draft a proposal for ethical rules/code of conduct on sexism; and discussed about including “the impact of sexism on women and girls” in their academic curriculum.

 November 2020

The conference had 25 participants, composed of representatives of the Plovdiv University, schools, youth centres, regional authorities, municipalities, courts, prosecutors’ offices, police, social services, NGOs, Media in the region of Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

The key outcomes: 1. Proposal for ethical rules/code of conduct on sexism for the work of the local Media in Plovdiv; 2. Proposal for Ethical rules on sexism for the work of the Plovdiv University, Philosophy and History Faculty, Sociology and Human Science Department; 3. New website for the Bulgarian Platform of the EWL on the issue of sexism but also on the general issue of women’s human rights protection.

 1 September 2021, in Kazanlak, “Stop the sexism now!”

Discussion on sexism, presentation on the Council of Europe recommendation and the Quiz (Sexist? Take the quiz and find out-all the participants took the quiz). The event marked the beginning of the petition against sexism, entitled #StopSexism #I’mNotSexist!. The idea about the petition was born during the meeting and the first 13 signatures against sexism were collected. After the meeting the online petition began. There were 26 participants composed of local NGOs, local authorities and media representatives (13 participants, 12 women, 1 man).

 23 November 2021, online, “United against sexism!”

Organised with Plovdiv University with representatives of schools, universities, human rights NGOs, students.

contact persons contact persons

 Milena Kadieva, Managing director of the Gender Alternatives Foundation & Iliana Balabanova, President of the Bulgarian Platform

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