ETINED Plenary Sessions are the annual meeting of representatives of the ETINED Platform.

The Platform is a pan-European network regrouping representatives of relevant stakeholders from all States Parties to the European Cultural Convention, more specifically representatives of:

  • Ministries of Education;
  • Relevant national boards;
  • Higher Education bodies, such as universities involved in programmes relating to ethics, transparency and integrity in education, or representatives of the administration or university staff;
  • Civil society;
  • Relevant international institutions and INGOs;
  • Education and other relevant staff;
  • Students;
  • Observers having the observer status within the Steering Committee for Educational Policy and Practice (CDPPE);
  • The Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of the Council of Europe.

The members of the Platform are proposed by the CDPPE for a term of two years. They may be reappointed for two further two-year terms.

The ETINED Plenary Sessions aim at facilitating the meeting of representatives of member countries of the Council of Europe and States parties to the European Cultural Convention, international organisations and other experts.

They focus on:

  • the implications for action in national education contexts and for the Council of Europe programme arising from the implementation of policies based on ethics, transparency and integrity;
  • the role and involvement of all relevant actors in the field of education (ethical behaviour, code of conduct…);
  • the definition of strategies and guidelines on identified problems;
  • sharing and promoting good practice in the field of ethics, transparency and integrity in education;
  • proposing initiatives for capacity-building in member States;
  • encouraging new initiatives;
  • raising awareness about the main issues linked with ethics, transparency and integrity in education.