White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue: “Living Together As Equals in Dignity” 

The White Paper provides various orientations for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, based on the core values of the Council of Europe. 

 Developing intercultural competence through education

This book offers an educational rationale and conceptual framework for the development of intercultural competence, as well as a clear description of its constituent elements to be developed in and through education 
Bilingual version (English/French) available online in pdf format 

 Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters 

The Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters is a resource designed to encourage people to think about and learn from intercultural encounters they have had either face to face or through visual media such as television, magazines, films, the Internet, etc.. 

 Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (EDC/HRE) 

Education for democratic citizenship and human rights aims to give people the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes that will help them to play an effective role in their community - be it on the local, national or international level. It shows people how to become informed about their rights, responsibilities and duties and it helps them to realise that they can have influence and make a difference.