6 weeks left to apply for www.div-a.org!

Become an ‪alternative‬ journalist, create your own ‎media‬ startup with ‎crowdfunding‬, like our ‪‎mentor‬, Sebastian Esser, ‪Krautreporter‬. 6 weeks left to apply for www.div-a.org !

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Final video on the Div-A (Diversity Accelerator) project

Final video on Media Tools Mentoring Programme for Diversity Inclusiveness 2016-2017.

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The Div-As are coming to town!

7 April 2017 Perugia, Italy

Well, to be more exact, the mentees, mentors and team behind "Div-A – Diversity accelerator for Media" will be coming to the city of Perugia for the International Journalism Festival in April. Div-A is the Council of Europe's project aiming to increase inclusion in the media through support and...

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Div-A Mentoring Programme - 1st training encounter

10-11 November 2016 Lisbon, Portugal

The first training encounter was held in Lisbon (Portugal) from 10 to 11 November 2016. The purpose of the first training encounter was to : facilitate a meeting between the key expert team and the representatives of the ten selected new media projects; create working teams; define the objectives...

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Diversity Accelerator for Media: we have our mentorees!

Last June the Council of Europe has launched a call for applications in the frame of its new “Div-A” project. Div-A aims at testing a new approach to rendering the media landscape in Europe more inclusive with regard to cultural diversity and more balanced in relation to diversity issues. It will...

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Thank you for having applied for the Div-A - Diversity Accelerator mentoring programme!

Preselected candidates will be informed by 13 September. The final selection takes place via Skype interviews 15-16 September. Selected projects will be announced by the end of September.

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New media entrepreneurs with diversity inclusiveness ethos wanted

Unhappy with the lack of diversity inclusiveness in media? You are journalist and you wish to launch your own multimedia start-up with help from mentors who have successfully launched theirs and who will offer support with developing business plans and looking for partners ? Apply for the Div-A...

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Apply for the mentoring programme - it takes less than ten minutes!

Fill in this application form, so that you can be selected for the mentoring programme which will take place between November 2016 and April 2017. Ten individuals and/ or teams will be selected who live/ work in a Council of Europe country and a.) want to create their own multimedia platform with...

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Launch of Div-A: the diversity inclusiveness accelerator for media

10-11 May 2016 Paris, France

A group of New Media Entrepreneurs met in Paris to shape a pilot initiative which will help emerging multimedia media startups to develop sustainable business models. The new media startups will provide multimedia content reflecting the diversity in society and providing in-depth analysis,...

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