Can I apply if I'm not a journalist?

The programme's aim is to support journalists and media practitioners in creating their own multimedia startups. You don't have to have a traditional journalism training behind you, but you have to be a media practitioner. In the application form you'll be asked to add proof of your journalistic work, i.e. weblinks or files that contain relevant information (photos, videos, articles, etc.) about your work.


Can I apply if my project isn't connected to the inclusion of diversities in society?

No. The Council of Europe wants to enable journalists who are committed to diversity inclusion to create their own sustainable multimedia outlet. By diversity inclusion we mean: Not singling out diversity, but showing it as a part of our society. Providing stories and angles of coverage which are missing from the mainstream media. Having a diverse society in mind as a starting point.


 Can I apply if my project partner lives outside of Europe?

You and your partner can apply if you live/work in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.