What is it?

Div-A is a Council of Europe’s pilot mentoring programme for journalists committed to diversity and inclusion in media.

It targets original media start-up ideas and to helps them to become sustainable.


 The Mentors

The mentors come from an international network of alternative multimedia journalists who have established their individual business models, such as the German Krautreporter, the Hungarian Direkt 36, the Greek Athens Live, the French Sport Handicaps and the Italian Termini TV.


What we offer

Div-A accompanies the selected mentees through the planning phase of their project, addressing their specific needs including the preparation of crowdfunding campaign, learning how to use Facebook ads and web tools, how to look for sponsors, use crossmedia and transmedia storytelling and find ways to connect with traditional media. Div-A enables journalists to create their own multimedia startups and long-term business models.


The procedure

The teams of 10 selected projects received 6 months mentoring, starting in Lisbon on 10-11 November 2016 and ending at the Perugia International Journalism Festival in April 2017.



Div-A is inspired by previous media programmes of the Council of Europe, such as MARS and MEDIANE, which focussed on raising awareness to the inclusion of diversity in media production and design.