5-7 October 2016, Strasbourg (France)

group photo - 5th CAHDPH meeting

 Speeches and presentations


Roundtable 1: Inclusive education and disability related human rights training for professionals

  • Éric Blanchet, LADAPT: Kill la bétise (presentation)  videos : black sreen, parents, sexuality, new boss, handidrones, Actor.
  • Nidhi Singal, University of Cambridge: Inclusive education for Persons with disabilities (presentation)
  • Ekaterine Dgebuadze, Georgia: Sign language and braille in education in Georgia (presentation)
  • Elodie Koukoui, Monaco: Awareness on disabilities in schools in Monaco (speech - presentation)
  • Timothy Ghilain, EASPD: Inclusive vocational education and specialised tailor-made training (speech)
  • Frank Elbers, HREA: human rights based training on disabilities for professionals


Roundtable 2: Recognising and combatting multiple discrimination of persons with disabilities

  • Pirkko Mahlamäki, Finish Disability Forum: Women and girls with disabilities (speech - presentation)
  • Embla Guðrúnar Ágústsdóttir, Tabú: Persons with Disabilities, gender identity, sexual orientation and sexuality (presentation)
  • Ovidiu Tuduruta, EDF Youth Committee: Young persons with disabilities from minority background
  • Alicia Gomez Campos, ENNHRI: Older persons with disabilities in long term care (speech)
  • Kirstin Lange, UNHCR: PWD as refugees and asylum seekers (presentation)


Roundtable 3: Removing stereotypes by increasing participation of persons with disabilities