09:30 Parallel campaign thematic plenaries 

A. Revitalising democracy and access to rights - Palais de l’Europe, Room 1

Coordinated by MARA GEORGESCU (Council of Europe Youth Department), SULKHAN CHARGEISHVILI (trainer) and MILA LUKIĆ (Preparatory Group)

With opening inputs from:
• EVARIST BARTOLO, former Minister of Education and Foreign Affairs of Malta
• DZVENYSLAVA SHCHERBA, Youth and Activism Coordinator, Amnesty International Ukraine

B. Meaningful youth participation - European Youth Centre (room 0.1)

Coordinated by NATALIA CHARDYMOVA (Council of Europe Youth Department),
KATERINA ZEZIULINA (trainer) and ALICE BERGHOLTZ (Preparatory Group)

With opening inputs from:
• MIRIAM TEUMA, Chair of the Joint Council for Youth (Council of Europe)
• ABID BADIL, Member of the Chamber of Councillors of the Parliament of Morocco
• ANAS MAJJAD (Ambition jeunesse)

C. Digitalisation - Agora building, room G01

Coordinated by IDA KREUTZMAN (Council of Europe Youth Department), TAREK AMRAOUI (trainer) and MANU MENIL (Preparatory Group)

With opening inputs from:
• DIMITRIJE JOVIĆEVIĆ, Connect International, Advisory Council on Youth

D. Youth Peace Conference - Centre Saint Thomas

11:00   Break

11:30   Workshops on the thematic priorities of the campaign


A.1   The right to vote and stand in elections, facilitated by MARINELA ŠUMANJSKI (trainer) Palais de l’Europe, room 1

A.2   We are all equal: the right to non-discrimination and democracy, facilitated by DARIUSZ GRZEMNY (trainer) Palais de l’Europe, room 2

A.3   Gender Equality and Democracy, facilitated by MARYAM MAJIDOVA (Advisory Council on Youth) Palais de l’Europe, room 3

A.4   Freedom of expression, the right to information and democracy, facilitated by MARIYA YASENOVSKA (trainer) Palais de l’Europe, room 14

A.5   Learning and Living Democracy: the role of education, facilitated by NIKA BAKHSOLIANI (trainer) D Building, room 3

A.6   The right to a healthy and sustainable environment, facilitated by SELMA LEVRENCE (Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe) Appolonia Arts Centre

A.7   Hate speech – a threat to democratic spaces, facilitated by ALEKSANDRA VIDANOVIC (trainer) EDQM building, room 300

A.8   The right to peace and democracy, facilitated by JULIA WOŹNIAK (Youth Peace Ambassadors Network), EDQM building, room 500



B.1  Structures for meaningful youth participation – learning from co- management, facilitated by SPYROS PAPADATOS (Advisory Council on Youth) and MARY DROSOPOULOS (trainer), EYC, room 3.1

B.2   Minority youth participation, facilitated by DZHAFER SAATCHA (trainer), EYC, room 3.2

B.3   The role of youth work in removing barriers to participation, facilitated by TAMAR TSATSKRIALASHVILI (trainer), EYC, room 0.2

B.4   Securing an enabling environment for youth civil society, facilitated by DRAGANA JOVANOVSKA (European Youth Forum), EYC, room 3.4

B.5   Democratic schools and student participation, facilitated by KATERINA ZEZIULINA (trainer), EYC, garden tent

B.6   Democratic schools and student participation, facilitated by BOGDAN IMRE (trainer), EYC, room 0.1

B.7   “Disruptive” forms of youth participation, facilitated by DRAGANATANASOV (trainer), Centre Culturel Saint Thomas



C.1   Online surveillance, data protection and democratisation, facilitated by THEO LECARPENTIER (trainer), Agora building, room G01

C.2  Addressing structural racism, sexism and discrimination online, facilitated by ALESSANDRA COPPOLA (No Hate Speech Network) and Stefan MANEVSKI (No Hate Speech and Co-operation Unit, DG II, Council of Europe), Lieu d’Europe, bar room

C.3   Internet governance and regulation, facilitated by VERONICA ŞTEFAN (trainer), Lieu d’Europe, salle Rieu

C.4   Digital citizenship and digital citizenship education, facilitated by AMAL HAMICH (Bureau international de la jeunesse), Agora building, room G06

C.5   The potential of digital democracy, facilitated by GEORG PIRKER (DARE -Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe), Agora building, room G04

C.6  Online youth participation, facilitated by TAREK AMRAOUI (formateur), Appolonia Arts Centre


D – YOUTH PEACE CONFERENCE - Centre Culturel Saint Thomas

D.1   Resilience and peace building in face of armed conflict, 

D.2   Democratic culture as a basis for peace



13:00   Lunch

15:00   Thematic workshops (continued)

18:15   End of the day

19:00   Dinner at Le FEC (Strasbourg City Centre)

Free evening