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We are so happy to have you on board at our Youth Action Week in Strasbourg (27 June and 2 July). We are looking forward to an exciting week, full of energy and creativity!

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 Looking for some inspiration?

 Why democracy and why youth?

  • Democracy is being challenged in Europe and around the globe: the rise of populism, the shrinking space for civil society, growing pressure on vulnerable minorities, fake news, to mention only the most high-profile challenges, all endanger our democracies.
  • Young people want more democracy not less! They demand access to their rights and genuine opportunities for political participation: a seat at the table where decisions are made about their future!
  • Young people want to learn about and for democracy. They demand recognition for new forms of youth participation and support for youth civil society!
  • The Council of Europe firmly believes that young people are essential for the revitalisation of democracy.










 What is #DemocracyHere | #DemocracyNow?

  • A Council of Europe youth campaign for revitalising democracy and for strengthening mutual trust between young people and democratic institutions and processes.
  • The Campaign focuses on access to human rights, meaningful youth participation and the impact of digitalisation as factors of democratisation.
  • The Campaign is based on activities undertaken with young people and youth organisations at local, national and international levels, supported by national contact points and European partners.
  • These activities are supported and connected by the Council of Europe; the results and proposals emerging from young people will be organised and integrated in a call for action.
  • What is Youth Action Week?
  • Youth Action Week is the flagship event of the Democracy Here | Democracy Now campaign.
  • Youth Action Week brings together over 400 young people from across Europe to take stock of the challenges facing our democracies, the opportunities and hurdles for young people to access their rights and meaningfully participate in political life.
  • The participants will discuss and develop new proposals and a call for action to the Council of Europe and its member states to revitalise democracy