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1 May - 31 August 2022

Perspectives of Gender and LGBTIQ+ Youth Movements

Skopje, North Macedonia - National or local activity
Event Information

Organisation: Association for Educational Development Ekvalis

Project grant approved: €14590

The project aims at increasing the representation of young people in the gender and LGBTQ+ movement in North Macedonia as a step towards a more inclusive and representative democracy, through a training for young activists and follow up by these activists on dismantling fake news and public actions for equality. The NGO will also produce videos and hold a round table to network between feminist and queer activists. The project will empower young people to be active in gender and queer movements, equip young activists with hands-on activism skills and support the networking between the feminist and queer movements. To achieve this, the project foresees a 6-day training for 20 LGBTIQ+ activists followed by actions taken by the participants divided in three groups with different scopes: a. video campaign dismantling fake news on gender and sexual minorities, b. round table discussion on the future of feminist and queer movements in North Macedonia and c. public action to raise awareness for LGBT+ equality.