Lessons for good practice in Corruption Proofing of Legislation compiled for the EaP practitioners

Strasbourg, France 18 September 2017
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Following up on the CoE Regional Workshop on Corruption Proofing of Legislation for representatives of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries which took place in May 2017, the Council of Europe developed a Technical Paper titled “Corruption Proofing in Eastern Partnership countries: overview and lessons for good practice”.

The paper provides an analytical overview of corruption proofing of legal acts in EaP countries and provides lessons and recommendations for good practice in the conduct of corruption proofing.

It suggests that the implementation of corruption proofing in EaP countries has yielded significant results, in terms of the impact of individual findings on the content of draft laws, and more generally in its effect on the quality and culture of legal drafting. The paper concludes that further development and improvement of corruption proofing methodology and its implementation is an unambiguously positive contribution to governance in EaP countries.