• A collection of 5 pictures, numbered
• 5 strips of paper and a pen per participant
• Tape or glue
• 5 large sheets of paper (A3) or flipchart paper.


1. Lay the pictures out on a table and ask participants, either individually or in pairs, to write a caption for each of the pictures, one caption on each strip of paper.

2. When everyone has finished, hold up the pictures one at a time and invite participants to read out their captions.

3. Glue each picture in the centre of a large sheet of paper and ask participants to glue or tape their captions around the picture to make a “poster”.

4. Tape the posters to the wall.

5. Go on to a brief review of the different pictures and their captions.
• What makes a good caption?
• If a picture can say a thousand words, why do they need captions?Goto top

Tips for facilitatorsGoto top

Choose pictures that reflect the topic you want to focus on and also consider their potential for
amusing and provocative captions. Some of Pancho’s illustrations in Chapter 5 make good material for this activity.