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Human Rights Comments

Corruption undermines human rights and the rule of law

19/01/2021 Strasbourg

In recent years, in many European countries, including Romania, Malta, the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, the Slovak Republic and Ukraine, people have taken to the streets in protests against systemic corruption, demanding respect for the rule of law, accountability of corrupt politicians and a...

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Human Rights Comment

Inclusive education vital for social cohesion in diverse societies

05/05/2015 Strasbourg

Public debates on the need to ensure more inclusive education for children and young adults who face social exclusion in diverse societies have recently rekindled in Europe. Evidence shows that in many European states the dropout rate of children coming from migrant families or minority groups,...

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Human Rights education is a priority – more concrete action is needed

06/10/2008 Strasbourg

Human rights can only be realised if people are informed about their rights and know how to use them. Education about human rights is therefore central to the effective implementation of the agreed standards. While this was emphasised 60 years ago when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights...

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