GermanyCCPE member: Dr. Peter FRANK

Federal Public Prosecutor General at the Federal Court of Justice

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You will find the original questionnaires which have been sent to the members on the page "Preliminary works" devoted to each of the opinions.

CCPE events in Germany

10-12 May 2010
The annual meeting of Prosecutors General of Germany and the Federal Prosecutor of Germany together with guests from neighbor states this year will take place in Rostock/Germany from 10 to 12 May 2010. This highest-level conference of German prosecutors will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the implementation of Recommendation 2000 (19) and of the CCPE. Prosecutor General Harald Range from Celle/Germany, former president of the CPGE and the CCPE, will give a formal presentation of the work, the outcome and the impact , which this Group has, regarding the important role of Public Prosecutors in a society, governed by the rule of law, democracy and freedom.

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