Antonio VERCHER NOGUERA (Spain) - President of the CCPE since January 2021

The increasing importance of the Public Prosecution systems in Europe is parallel to the increasing complexity and variability of crimes in our Continent. This complexity and variability could be extended to other related issues, such as the protection of victims and witnesses, emergency situatios, ethics,prison administration, etc., etc.

  • This parallelism has an explanation. Prosecutors have a wide social perspective and have to be prepared to face whatever type of new approaches that may appear in the criminal field, as well as in other related fields. This is why the CCPE is widely aware of any existing socio-criminal phenomenon, and has decided to open a debate on whatever related aspects, elaborating different opinions to be able to face them in a more efficient and effective manner.  This is also why, in due time and as soon as the present pandemic appeared, the CCPE decided to prepare an opinion trying to clarify the incidence of this highly worrying phenomenon in the different Public Prosecution systems in Europe.

    In fact, this is the clear objective and the intention of the CCPE for the near future. It has to be taken into consideration that the CCPE is always aware of the Prosecutor´s needs and professional worries, since those are directly linked to the needs and worries of society in general.


    Antonio Vercher Noguera

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