Mirrors: Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education (2015)

This manual was produced within the Roma Youth Action Plan of the Council of Europe to provide teachers, trainers and facilitators of non-formal education processes with essential information and methodological tools to address antigypsyism with young people of all ages and in any social-cultural setting. It is equally suitable for work with groups of non-Roma, Roma only, or mixed groups.

Combating antigypsyism is a task for all of us; learning about it is a necessary starting point. As human beings we have the capability to discriminate and impose prejudice upon others. Fortunately, we are also capable to learn and change. Mirrors is a great help to help us notice this, correct distorted views and to recognise ourselves in the eyes of others.

ISBN English version: 978-92-871-8086-5
ISBN French version: 978-92-871-8248-7

Available in English and French.