Intercultural dialogue on Campus (Council of Europe higher education series No. 11) (2009)

This book considers the role of higher education in developing and promoting intercultural dialogue in greater detail than a statement or even a White Paper covering all aspects of the Council of Europe’s activities could possibly do. More specifically, this book looks at the higher education campus as a venue of intercultural dialogue.

This is not the only role higher education plays in promoting intercultural dialogue, and a later contribution will aim to look at the role of higher education as an actor in the broader society of which it is a part. What happens on campus is nevertheless a precondition for the role higher education should play in society at large. In the sense of the White Paper, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, intercultural dialogue on campus is an example of dialogue within a society.

ISBN English version: 978-92-871-6503-9
ISBN French version: 978-92-871-6502-2

Available in English and French.