Petr SICH - Head of Office

Kyrylo BOICHENIUK - Deputy Head of Office

Narmin AKHUNDOVA-JUMSHUDLU - Assistant to the Head of Office

Naiba AHMADOVA - Financial Assistant

Chingiz MAMMADOV - Driver

Strengthening the efficiency and quality of the judicial system in Azerbaijan

Vafa ROVSHANOVA - Senior Project Officer

Shabnam MIRZAYEVA - Project Assistant

Strengthening Anti-Money Laundering and Asset Recovery in Azerbaijan

Firuza JAFAROVA - Senior Project Officer


 Raising Awareness on the Istanbul Convention and other Gender Equality Standards in Azerbaijan

Parvana BAYRAMOVA - Senior Project Officer

Nargiz RASULOVA - Project Assistant

Promoting media professionalism and freedom of information in Azerbaijan (PRO-M-FEX) - Phase I

Vusal BEHBUDOV - Senior Project Officer


Support for the improvement of the execution of the European Court judgments by Azerbaijan

Aynur YUSIFOVA - Senior Project Officer

Sevda NABIYEVA - Project Assistant