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Meeting with Ambassador Ismat Jahan, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

25 November 2021 Strasbourg

I was honoured to receive Ambassador Ismat Jahan, OIC Permanent Observer to the European Union for a courtesy visit at the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe has previously organised several study visits for the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission. In our meeting we discussed...

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Combating Antisemitism: Government, Parliamentary, Civil Society and Business Responses

4 November 2021 Strasbourg

Together with the Delegation of Israel to international organisations in France, the Secretary General’s Special Representative is hosting a seminar in Paris on 8 November, entitled “Combating Antisemitism: Government, Parliamentary, Civil Society and Business Responses”. Keynote speakers include...

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Dimension of “Living Together” and intercultural dialogue: the model of Judeo-Moroccan culture

3 November 2021 Strasbourg

I wish to thank colleagues from the European Cultural Routes secretariat in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Strasbourg for holding this symposium on Judeo-Moroccan culture. Morocco is an excellent example of how to protect Jewish heritage in a...

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Pandemic Hate: COVID-related Antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred on Social Media

14 October 2021 Strasbourg

The Council of Europe’s Special Representative on religious intolerance and hate crimes, Daniel Höltgen, will take part in the launch of a new report on COVID-related antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred on social media in Brussels on Monday 18 October. The report has been compiled by the...

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Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić appointed Daniel Höltgen to the new position of Special Representative on Antisemitic, Anti-Muslim and other forms of religious intolerance and hate crimes
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 In recent years, we have witnessed an alarming increase in hate crimes in many parts of Europe, often incited and aggravated by hate speech online. The specific task of my Special Representative is to join forces at the European level and to ensure the collective expertise of the Council of Europe is put to full use in our common effort to prevent antisemitic, anti-Muslim and other forms of religious intolerance and hate crimes. 

Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić 


 No-one should be targeted for what they believe or do not believe. The fight against discrimination, including on grounds of religion or belief, has been at the core of the Council of Europe’s mission from the outset. We have been active in promoting interreligious dialogue and we have a long tradition of supporting Holocaust remembrance. Sharing this knowledge will be an important part of my work with my counterparts, including the representatives on antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred of the OSCE, EU and member states 

Special Representative Daniel Höltgen

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

The Council of Europe’s main expert monitoring body dealing with racial and religious discrimination is the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI). ECRI has adopted General Policy Recommendations on the fight against antisemitism and on Combating intolerance and discrimination against Muslims. These two issues also feature in the ECRI Annual Report.

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European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

Article 9 of the ECHR guarantees freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Article 14 of the ECHR prohibits discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property birth or other status.  

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 See also our Holocaust Remembrance page