By virtue of the Convention, Parties are obliged to co-operate with GRETA in the provision of the requested information (see Article 38 (2) of the Convention). In order to ensure the smooth running of the evaluation, each Party to the Convention is requested to appoint a contact person to liaise with GRETA. The contact person should be within the government structure and, as far as possible, be responsible for co-ordinating national policies to combat trafficking in human beings, as well as the action of all actors involved in this field.

The contact person receives GRETA’s questionnaire and is responsible for distributing it to the different national bodies concerned, co-ordinating their replies and submitting to GRETA a consolidated version of the official reply to the questionnaire. The contact person is also expected to co-operate with GRETA in the organisation of the country visit and on other issues relating to the evaluation of the implementation of the Convention.

Questionnaires for the evaluation of the implementation of the Convention

3rd round: Questionnaire
       Thematic focus: Access to justice and effective remedies for victims of trafficking in human beings

2nd round: Questionnaire

2nd round: Provisional Timetable (updated 26/07/2018)

1st round: Questionnaire

Rules on the Evaluation Procedure