The Council of Europe is currently carrying out cooperation projects on “Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings” aimed at supporting the countries in the implementation of the Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (THB), based on the country-specific recommendations of the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA).

What is the goal?

The Council of Europe has three main missions: standard setting (international law), monitoring mechanisms, including binding mechanisms (to ensure that standards are reached and maintained) and cooperation actions (to address shortcomings).


How the actions work?

The actions use a combination of legal and policy support, learning and capacity building activities, and cooperation and information activities. As civil society organisations play an important role in the implementation and monitoring of the Convention against trafficking in human beings, they contribute to or benefit from the activities.

The actions seek to establish multisectoral partnerships and interdisciplinary working groups to ensure dialogue between different institutions. Case studies, adapted HELP courses, peer-to-peer exchanges, and mini grants are provided to key antitrafficking actors.


Who are the target groups?

  • Legal and law enforcement professionals (police officers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers);
  • Labour inspectors;
  • Child protection, education and health professionals;
  • Border, migration and asylum authorities;
  • Civil society organisations;
  • The private sector, including media.