According to the Resolution CM/Res(2013)67, the certified Cultural Routes and the candidate networks undergo an evaluation to be awarded the "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" certification awarded by the Governing Board of the EPA which is constituted of representatives from each EPA member States.

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Instructions for applicants and certified networks

Certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe under regular evaluation and applicants to the "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" certification ought to download the appropriate dossier below (regular evaluation OR application for certification).

Please complete the document and annexes in full. Detailed instructions on how to fill in the form can be found within thefirst pages of the document.

Deadline: complete* files should be submitted no later than 16 September. Detailed instruction regarding the submission of dossiers can be found in your regular evaluation and application letter.


*Please note that according to the Rules of Procedure of the EPA Governing Board, only complete applications will be reviewed. Missing documents or sections not filled in will automatically disqualify the applicant.

Should you require assistance, please contact us.

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