Action against Terrorism

Assessment of the effectiveness of national judicial systems in their responses to terrorism

Among the priorities of the GMT was the evaluation of the efficiency of national judicial systems in their responses to terrorism. This was implemented by the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) in its Evaluation Report on the efficiency of the national judicial systems in their responses to terrorism.

The CEPEJ is the main Council of Europe body whose activities are aimed at improving the efficiency and functioning of justice in member states, and ensuring the implementation of the instruments adopted by the Council of Europe to this end.

The tasks of the CEPEJ are:

  • to analyse the results of judicial systems;
  • to identify the difficulties they meet;
  • to define concrete ways to improve, on the one hand, the evaluation of their results, and, on the other hand, the functioning of these systems;
  • to provide assistance to member States, at their request;
  • to propose to the competent instances of the Council of Europe the fields where it would be desirable to elaborate new legal instruments.

In the Action Plan adopted at their 3rd Summit (Warsaw, 16-17 May 2005), the Heads of State and Government decided to develop the evaluation and assistance functions of the CEPEJ in order to help member states to deliver justice fairly and rapidly. They also invited the Council of Europe to strengthen co-operation with the European Union in the legal field, including the CEPEJ's co-operation with the EU.

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