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SPACE I (Annual Penal Statistics of the Council Of Europe)
SPACE I 2008 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2010) 7
SPACE I 2007 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2009) 01
SPACE I 2006 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2007) 9rev3
SPACE I 2005 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2007) 2
SPACE I 2004 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2005) 25
SPACE I 2003 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2004) 6 rev
SPACE I 2002 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2003)5
SPACE I 2001 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2002) 1rev
SPACE I 2000 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2001)2
SPACE I 1999 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2001)1
SPACE I 1997 Enquiry Doc SPACEI1997 (in French)