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Vivian Geiran (Ireland), Chairman
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On behalf of the Council of Europe and particularly of the PC-CP Working Group, I want to welcome you to our webpage. Our aim is to advance the Council of Europe goals, through the development and advancement of standards in the fields of prisons, probation and community sanctions and measures. Through this webpage, we provide access to the work of the PC-CP on an ongoing basis, including our working documents and our summary meeting reports. I expect that these will be of interest and value to practitioners, managers and policy makers in the penology fields, particularly those working in prisons and probation.  I hope that this access will enable our colleagues across Europe to familiarise themselves with and implement existing standards, as well as contributing to updating and generating new ones. I also hope it will open up wider interest in the Council of Europe work, and look forward to hearing feedback on our webpage and our work programme.

The Council for Penological Co-operation (PC-CP) was created by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in June 1980 as an advisory body to the Steering Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC). For many years it comprised seven independent members elected by the CDPC in their personal capacity. Since the adoption of CM/Res(2011)24 in 2011 the PC-CP has become a subordinate body to the CDPC holding one plenary meeting per year. It has a Working Group composed of nine members who meet four times a year and who are elected in their personal capacity by the CDPC. These are high-level representatives of prison administrations or of services entrusted with the implementation of non-custodial sanctions or measures or researchers or other experts having a thorough knowledge of penological questions.

Photo © Council of Europe: Elected members of the Council for Penological Co-operation (PC-CP) Working Group and Secretariat: Nathalie Boissou, Annie Devos, Nadya Radkovska, Martina Barić, Nikolaos Koulouris, Jörg Jesse, Vivian Geiran, Ilina Taneva, Attila Juhász, Dominik Lehner, Christine Coleur, Sylvie Elter.   

The PC-CP drafts standard-setting texts, reports, opinions, collects information regarding the implementation by the prison and probation services of the relevant recommendations adopted by the Committee of Ministers, supervises the annual collection of statistical data related to prisons and to non-custodial sanctions and measures (SPACE I & II), organises meetings and high level conferences of the Directors of prison and probation services of the 47 member States.