Prisons and Community Sanctions and Measures

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Council for Penological Co-operation (PC-CP)
Drafting committee on prison overcrowding


Directors of Prison and Probation Services


Recommendations in other languages
EU Framework Decisions




Country factsheets


European Sourcebook
European Statistics
Council of Europe
European Union
Other bodies



SPACE I (Annual Penal Statistics of the Council Of Europe)
SPACE I 2008 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2010) 7
SPACE I 2007 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2009) 01
SPACE I 2006 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2007) 9rev3
SPACE I 2005 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2007) 2
SPACE I 2004 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2005) 25
SPACE I 2003 Enquiry Doc: PC-CP (2004) 6 rev
SPACE I 2002 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2003)5
SPACE I 2001 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2002) 1rev
SPACE I 2000 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2001)2
SPACE I 1999 Enquiry Doc PC-CP (2001)1
SPACE I 1997 Enquiry Doc SPACEI1997 (in French)