Counterfeiting of medical products (MEDICRIME)

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 The European Committee on Crime Problems (CDPC)
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Medicrime Conferences and other events

Conference on Substandard, falsified and counterfeit medicines, CSIS, Washington DC, 25 February 2014
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Seminar for the Consulary Corps on MEDICRIME, Lyon, 6 February 2014

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Workshop on Counterfeit medicines
World Bank, Washington DC, 17 April 2013
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Conference: Counterfeit medicines, a crime against the poor. Medicrime, a weapon against this calamity?
21 June 2012, Paris, France
- Presentation of conference (FR only)
- Press kit (FR only)

Combating Falsified Medical Products and Similar Crimes Through Legal Instruments and Practical Measures, 16 May 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
 - Programme
 - Conclusions
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International High-Level Conference: The Council of Europe Convention on Counterfeiting of Medical Products and Similar Crimes involving Threats to Public Health (Medicrime  Convention) - Countering the spread of counterfeit medical products - Moscow, 26-28 October 2011 

International Conference: Towards the practical implementation of the Council of Europe convention on counterfeiting of medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health (MEDICRIME Convention) - 15-16 April 2010, Congress Center Basel