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Ministerial Conferences

European Ministerial Conferences on Equality between Women and Men have been organised on a regular basis since 1986. They are prepared by the Steering Committee for Equality between Women and Men and concentrate on the political aspects of European co-operation in the field of equality.

Overview of all Ministerial Conferences organised since 1986 :

7th European Ministerial Conference

Baku 24-25 May 2010
General theme : Gender equality: bridging the gap between de jure and de facto equality

 6th European Ministerial Conference

Stockholm 8-9 June 2006
General theme : Human rights and economic challenges in Europe Gender equality

 5th European Ministerial Conference

Skopje 22-23 January 2003
General theme : Democratisation, conflict prevention and peacebuilding: the perspectives and the roles of women

 4th European Ministerial Conference

Istanbul 13-14 November 1997
General theme : Democracy and equality between women and men

 3rd European Ministerial Conference

Rome 21-22 October 1993
General theme : Strategies for the elimination of violence against women in society: the media and other means

 2nd European Ministerial Conference

Vienna  4-5 July 1989
General theme: Political strategies for the achievement of real equality between women and men

1st European Ministerial Conference

Strasbourg  4 March 1986
General theme: Equality between women and men in political life Policy and strategies to achieve equality in decision-making