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Gender Equality Strategy

Strategic Objectives

Gender Equality Programme



Achieving Gender mainstreaming in all policies and measures

Gender mainstreaming is the (re)organisation, improvement, development and evaluation of policy processes, so that a gender equality perspective is incorporated in all policies at all levels and at all stages, by the actors normally involved in policy-making.

In its Recommendation to member States on gender equality standards and mechanisms, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers recalls the importance of adopting methodologies for the implementation of the gender mainstreaming strategy, including gender budgeting, gender-based analysis and gender impact assessment. Experience shows, however, that even the most committed member States are finding it difficult to achieve gender mainstreaming.


Recommendation (1998) 14
Recommendation No. R (98) 14 of the Committee of Ministers to Member States on Gender Mainstreaming

Recommendation CM/Rec(2013)1 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on gender equality and media - (English; Portuguese; Spanish )  

CM/Del/Dec(98)628 appendix 2 16 avril 1998
Message of the Committee of Ministers to Steering Committees of the Council of Europe on Gender Mainstreaming

Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the inclusion of gender differences in health policy

Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member states on gender mainstreaming in education adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 10 October 2007 and its explanatory memorandum

Practical Tools and Training Resources 

Council of Europe 

Manual Supporting Gender Equality Rapporteurs (GERS) in their Role

Powerpoint Presentation Catherine Bij de Vaate

Powerpoint Presentation Hanna Onwen Huma

Gender Budgeting – Practical Implementation - Handbook
Macedonian, Armenian, Slovenian, Icelandic, Greek

Other Organisations 

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  - On-Line Training Course "Gender Equality, Human Rights and Me - English - French - Spanish

Gender mainstreaming in the work of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Gender mainstreaming in the Council of Europe 

GRECO - Group of States against Corruption Gender Dimenstion of Corruption

Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs - The Gender Dimension of Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs 

EURIMAGES - European Cinema Support Fund - Powerpoint presentation

CODEXTER - Committee of Experts on Terrorism - Discussion paper on possible gender related activities

Studies and Publications 

Make equality in law a reality in fact - Compilation of recommendations of the Committee of Ministers in the field of equality between women and men

CDEG (2011) 16
Study on "Combatting Stereotypes in Education"

EG-S-GB (2004) RAP FIN
Gender Budgeting
Armenian, Macedonian

EG-S-GS (2004) RAP FIN
Promoting Gender Mainstreaming in Schools

EG (1999) 13
Gender Mainstreaming: practice and prospects

EG-S-MS (98) 2 rev
Gender Mainstreaming conceptual framework, methodology and presentation of good practices - Final Report of Activities of the Group of Specialists on Mainstreaming (EG-S-MS)


CDEG/CDCS (2003) 1
Seminar on Gender Mainstreaming in Social Services - Summary of the discussions

CDEG-GM (2001) 03
Workshop on gender mainstreaming for Chairs and Secretaries of Steering Committees of the Council of Europe (CDCS, CDSP, CDDS, CAHAR)

CDEG-GM (2001) 01
Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming, organised for Steering Committees of the Council of Europe

EG-ATH (1999) 9
Conference “Gender mainstreaming: a step into the 21st century”