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Selected publications concerning the Framework Convention
This list is not exhaustive and we would suggest you visit the Council of Europe Publishing site and other publishers

Compilation of the three thematic commentaries in English (PDF)

Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities- Collected Texts
(7th edition) (June 2013)

National minorities: Breath of diversity, breath of Europe (2009)

ISBN 978-92-871-6607-4PDF
Type of document : Book
Format : PDF
Language : English
Number of pages : 81

National minority standards - A compilation of OSCE and Council of Europe texts (2007)
ISBN 978-92-871-6220-5
No. of pages: 338 Price € 25 / US$ 38

The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. A Useful Pan-European Instrument?
Author(s): VERSTICHEL, A. (ed.), ALEN, A. (ed.), DE WITTE, B. (ed.), LEMMENS, P. (ed.)
ISBN 90-5095-643-2 (3/2008)

Oxford Commentaries on International Law. The Rights of Minorities. A Commentary on the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
edited by Marc Weller (2005)
ISBN 0-19-927858-x, Oxford University Press

Minority Rights Jurisprudence - Minority Issues Digest (2006)
Author Alcidia Moucheboeuf
ISBN 92-871-5956-4

Mechanisms for the implementation of minority rights (2005)
Author: Prof. Dr. Alexander H. E. Morawa, Mr. Weller
ISBN 92-871-5499-6 (also available in Serbian)

Filling the Frame: Five years of monitoring the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (2004)
ISBN 92-871-5472-2

Minority rights in Europe (2004)
Author(s) : Patrick Thornberry and María Amor Estebanez
ISBN 92-871-5366-3  (also available in Croatian)

Minorities in international law (2002)
Author : Gaetano Pentassuglia
ISBN : 92-871-4773-6

The protection of national minorities by their kin-state (Science and technique of democracy No. 32) (2002)
ISBN : 92-871-5082-6

Les minorités, quels droits? (2000) (French edition only)
ISBN : 92-871-4029-4