The Advisory Committee understands the monitoring of the Framework Convention as an open-ended process where each cycle builds on the previous one. Follow-up activities are an integral part of the monitoring cycles.


Follow-up meetings provide a platform for dialogue between the Advisory Committee and a multitude of stakeholders in the State Party concerned. They offer an opportunity to discuss recommendations and to identify the most efficient ways of practically implementing them and for the Advisory Committee to share good practices from its monitoring work. Follow-up meetings can also where necessary be an opportunity for the Advisory Committee to clarify its position and for the national authorities to report progress already achieved in the implementation of the recommendations. Finally, follow-up meetings can serve to raise awareness about the principles and the provisions of the Framework Convention and the functioning of its monitoring mechanism, including the possibility to provide the Advisory Committee with shadow reports.


National level: Representatives of all relevant national, regional and local authorities concerned with the implementation of the recommendations; political decision-makers such as members of parliament; representatives of national minorities including young people and practitioners (e.g. teachers, journalists) and ensuring a gender balance where possible; ombudspersons and/or equality bodies; relevant civil society organisations; researchers; national ACFC member if applicable.

Council of Europe: Usually, one ACFC member and one Secretariat member participate. The participation of more than one ACFC member is possible if the budgetary situation allows, for instance in hybrid or video meetings. If possible, the ACFC member is chosen among the members of the working group that prepared the last opinion. If all working group members have left the current ACFC composition, a returning additional member can participate, possibly accompanied by a member of the current composition.


5th Cycle

Country/Date/Programme/other documents

4th Cycle

Country/Date/Programme/other documents

3rd Cycle

Country/Date/Programme/other documents

  • Albania 8 February 2017 Programme
  • Czech Republic 9 December 2013 Programme
  • Switzerland 9 December 2013 Programme in German, Italian and Romansh (not available in English)
  • Sweden 11 April 2013 Programme (Programme in Swedish)
  • Armenia 12 June 2012 Programme
  • Slovenia 11-12 May 2011 Programme [joint meeting with the Language Charter ECRML] (not available)
  • Germany 26-27 April 2012  Programme [joint meeting with the Language Charter ECRML] (in German)
  • Croatia 20 April 2012 Programme
  • Slovak Republic 22-23 February 2012 Programme
  • Norway 31 October - 1 November 2011 Programme
  • Republic of Moldova 29 November 2010  Programme
  • Miscellaneous: UNMIK/Kosovo16 December 2013 Programme

2nd Cycle

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