(from left to right) Mr. Tim Cartwright, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ambassador Michael B. Humphreys, Head of the European Commissionís Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mr. Dragan Mektic, Deputy Minister of Security of BiH; Mr. Alexander Seger, Head of Technical Cooperation, Directorate General I of the Council of Europe; Mr. Jean-Charles de Cordes, CARPO Project Manager

(from left to right) Mr. Uwe Kranz, expert; Mr. Evert van der Steeg, Legal adviser

Members of the delegation of Albania

Members of the delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Members of the Croatian Delegation

Delegation of the Republic of Montenegro

Delegation of Kosovo and UNMIK

Brigadier General Vicenzo COPPOLA, EUPM in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(from left to right) Mr Francesco MONDOI, Deputy National Antimafia Prosecutor National Antimafia Bureau and Mr. Juan Carlos GARRIDO IGLESIAS, Inspector International Coordination Unit Spanish National Police

(from left to right) Mr. Friedrich HAUPTMANN, Former General Public Prosecutor of Austria
Center of Legal Competence and Mr Mirko VRTACNIK, Supreme State Prosecutor
Supreme State Prosecution Office

(from left to right) Mr. Pietro SALSANO and Mr. Pasquale AGLIECO from EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina