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Compilation of national laws - 2010

Country State Title of the law Entry into force Last update EN FR Other
Andorra AD Règlement du contrôle 12/05/2005 12/05/2005    
Andorra AD Plan national de lutte contre le dopage dans le sport 16/08/2006 16/08/2006    
Andorra AD Loi du Sport 30/06/1998 30/06/1998    
Andorra AD Accord international contre la lutte sur le dopage dans le sport, adopté à  Paris, le 19 octobre 2005, du 30-10-2008 01/03/2009 01/03/2009    
Andorra AD Décret du 11-06-2010 par lequel devient publique l'amendement de l'annexe II à la Convention internationale contre le dopage dans le sport, faite à  Paris le 19 Octobre 2005 23/06/2010 23/06/2010    
Armenia AM The Anti-doping Rule of the Republic Amernia 20/09/2010      
Armenia AM          
Australia AU Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority Act and Regulations   29/08/2011      
Australia AU   16/03/2006        
Australia AU          
Australia AU          
Austria AT Anti-Doping Federal Act 2007 01/07/2007 31/12/2009  
Belarus BY Law on physical culture and sports of the Republic of Belarus article 34 18/06/1993 09/11/2009    
Belgium - Flemish Community BE Flemish parliament Act on medically and ethical justified practice 01/08/2008 01/01/2009    
Belgium - Flemish Community BE Flemish Government Decree implementing the 13 July 2007 Flemish Parliament Act on medically and ethically justified sports practice 01/08/2008 20/06/2008    
Belgium - French Community BE Arrêté du Gouvernement de la Communauté française 14/12/2002 16/12/2010    
Belgium - French Community BE Décret du 8 mars 2001 relatif à  la promotion de la santé dans la pratique du sport, à  l'interdiction du dopage et à  sa prévention en Communauté française 27/03/2001 30/04/2009    
Belgium - German Community BE Erlass zur Ausführung des Dekrets vom 30. Januar 2006        
Belgium - German Community BE Dekret zur Bekämpfung des Dopingsim Sport 16/01/2012 16/01/2012  
Bulgaria BG   13/06/2008 20/09/2010  
Croatia HR Act of Amendments to of the Sports Acte and Act on Amendments to the Act on Health Care          
Croatia HR Zakon o sportu        
Croatia HR Zakonozdravstvenojza        
Croatia HR          
Croatia HR          
Cyprus CY Ratifying Law of the International (UNESCO) Convention Against Doping In Sports No 7(Iii)/2009 15/05/2009      
Czech Republic CZ Penal law - 2 paragraphs 01/01/2010      
Denmark DK Act on Promotion of Doping-free Sport 01/01/2005 01/07/2008    
Denmark DK Act Prohibiting Certain Doping Substances 21/04/1999 06/05/2009      
Estonia EE Estonian Sport Act 01/01/2006 01/06/2011    
Finland FI Doping offence 24/05/2002 24/05/2002    
France FR loi n° 2006-405 du 5 avril 2006 relative à  la lutte contre le dopage et à  la protection de la santé des sportifs 06/04/2006 14/04/2010    
France FR loi n° 2008-650 du 3 juillet 2008 relative à  la lutte contre le trafic de produits dopants 04/07/2008 14/04/2010    
France FR ordonnance n° 2010-379 relative à  la santé des sportifs et à  la mise en conformité du code du sport avec le code mondial antidopage 16/04/2010      
France FR code du sport 25/05/2006 16/04/2010    
Georgia GE n/a          
Germany DE Draft Act to facilitate Anti-Doping Measures in the field of sport 01/11/2007      
Germany DE Pharmaceutical Products Act - Extract 01/11/2007      
Germany DE Regulation determining the significant quantity of doping substances 29/11/2007 08/12/2010    
Germany DE 2011 WADA prohibited list 01/01/2011 28/01/2011    
Hungary HU Government Decree no. 43/2011 07/04/2011 02/01/2012      
Hungary HU Sport Act no. 2004/1. 13/03/2004 05/01/2012      
Hungary HU Act no. 2003/78. on Anti Doping Convention 21/11/2003 21/11/2003    
Hungary HU Act no. 2007/34. on Additional Protocol of the Anti-doping Convention 19/05/2007 19/05/2007    
Hungary HU Government Decree no. 99/2007 on Publishing of the Anti Doping Convention 09/05/2007 22/05/2009    
Hungary HU Government Decree no. 42/2011 on Publishing the modification of the International Convention against doping in sport (Prohibited list) 24/03/2011 24/03/2011      
Ireland IE n/a          
Italy IT Legge 14 dicembre 2000, n. 376: Disciplina della tutela sanitaria delle attività sportive e della lotta contro il doping 14/02/2001      
Latvia LV Law on Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention 03/01/1997      
Latvia LV Law on Additional Protocol of Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention 30/10/2002      
Latvia LV Law on International Convention against doping in sports 10/03/2006      
Lithuania LT Law on Physical Education and Sports Law 20/12/1995 17/04/2008    
Lithuania LT Government resolution on formation of Lithuanian Anti-doping Commission No. 747 23/07/2008        
Lithuania LT Law on Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention 7/11/1995        
Lithuania LT Order on implementation of International Convention against Doping in Sports in Lithuania 17/01/2008        
Lithuania LT Law on UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sports in Lithuania 26/05/2006        
Luxembourg LU Loi concernant le sport 03/08/2005      
Netherlands NL Medicins Act 08/01/2007 08/01/2007    
Netherlands NL Drug Act 28/05/1928 27/09/2007    
Norway NO General Civil Penal Code, § 162 b 22/05/1902 21/12/2005      
Norway NO          
Poland PL Statue of Polish Commission against Doping in Sport 14/10/2009      
Poland PL Act on Sport 16/10/2010      
Portugal PT Bill No. 27.2009, of 19 June 19/06/2009 27/07/2009  
Romania RO Law 227/2006 regarding prevention and fight against doping in sport 18/06/2006 18/03/2011    
Romania RO GD 1592 on 2006 updated as GD 1056 on 2009 29/11/2006 06/10/2009    
Romania RO Law 104/2008 regarding prevention and fight against the manufacture and illicit traffic of the high risk doping substances 28/06/2011      
Russian Federation RU On physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation 30/03/2008 09/11/2010    
Russian Federation RU On amendments to the Federal Law " On physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation"" 09/11/2010      
Russian Federation RU Labor Code of the Russian Federation (extracts) 01/02/2002      
Russian Federation RU All-Russian anti-doping rules 13/04/2011 24/10/2011    
Serbia CS Law on prevention of doping in sport 14/11/2005      
Serbia CS Law about ratification of International convention against doping in sport 25/05/2009      
Slovakia SK Act No.300/2008 to support sport 01/09/2008 01/01/2011    
Slovenia SI Criminal Code   04/06/2008    
Spain ES Public General Act 7/2006, of 21 November, on the protection of health and the fight against doping in sport. 22/02/2007        
Sweden SE Prohibition of Certain Doping Agents Act (SFS:1991:1969) 01/07/1992 10/02/2011    
Sweden SE Smuggling sanctions Act (SFS1960:418)          
Sweden SE The Act conscerning trade with drugs etc (SFS:1996:1152)          
Switzerland CH Loi fédérale encourageant la gymnastique et les sports 01/07/1972 01/01/2002  
Tunisia TN réglementation tunisienne        
Ukraine UA Law of Ukraine "On Anti-doping control in sport" 05/04/2001        
United States of America US

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