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Joint Council of Europe / European Union Programme

"Emerald Network of Nature Protection Sites, Phase II"

Regional kick-off meeting of the Joint Programme
24-26 April 2013
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine,
35, Uritsíkoho street (recently changed to Lypkivskogo street), Kyiv, Ukraine 03035
Room Nį 420, 4th floor


The kick-off meeting is the launching event of the Joint EU/CoE Programme on the setting-up of the Emerald Network (Phase II) in seven target countries from Central and Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine). The meeting will gather representatives of national competent authorities, Emerald teams and NGOs active in the field of nature conservation from the seven target countries. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the project objectives, expected results and planning. The necessary consolidation of scientific work completed in the period 2009-2012 will also be debated, as well as the follow-up to give for the further identification of potential Emerald sites. The methodology of the Emerald biogeographical process will also be presented and the exchange of views on the management and reporting on the Emerald sites will be facilitated, with an emphasis on conservation standards for future Emerald sites, in particular the ones which straddle borders.

Meeting information

Draft Agenda

Registration form

Practical information

Arrival and stay in Kiev - practical guidance prepared by Inter-Eco-Centre

Information on taxis at the Kiev airport - prepared by Inter-Eco-Centre

Final list of participants, including travel details and hotel reservations

Working documents
Project lifespan planning, including activities for 2013

Detailed project description

Role and tasks of national project leaders

Emerald Network Reference Portal : all reference documents (adopted at the level of the Standing Committee to the Bern Convention) and other support materials useful for the practical implementation of the Emerald Network

Calendar for the implementation of the Emerald Network of Areas of Special Conservation Interest 2011-2020 - T-PVS/PA(2010)08revE

List of officially nominated candidate Emerald sites (last updated at the 32nd meeting of the Standing Committee, in December 2012)

Criteria for the biogeographical assessment of candidate Emerald sites (adopted by the Bern Convention Standing Committee in November 2010) - T-PVS/PA(2010)12E

Summary quality check reports on Emerald data [as delivered at the end of the 1st JP Emerald Network (2009-2011)]: Draft revised Emerald sites Standard Data Form - T-PVS/PA(2012)15E

Draft Interpretation manual of the Emerald Network habitats, following the new version of Resolution 4 (1996) - T-PVS/PA(2011)08E

Preliminary analysis of the species proposed by 7 Contracting Parties for addition to the Bern Convention lists of species for the Emerald Network + MSAccess database for the preliminary analysis sent by e-mail 

Draft Guidelines on the management of Emerald sites, including climate change adaptation and mitigation - T-PVS/PA(2012)10E

Strategic development of the Emerald Network

Project objectives, activities and expected results

Results achieved through the Emerald Network project 2009-2011

EU Regional Programmes Environment Neighbourhood East

Armenia: state of play of work on the Emerald Network by 2012

Azerbaijan: state of play of work on the Emerald Network by 2012

Belarus: state of play of work on the Emerald Network by 2012

Georgia: state of play of work on the Emerald Network by 2012

Russian Federation: state of play of work on the Emerald Network by 2012

Ukraine: state of play of work on the Emerald Network by 2012

IBAs contribution to the setting-up of the Emerald Network

Draft guidelines on the management of Emerald sites

Institutional models and capacity assessment: preparing for the management of Emerald sites

Case study: Bulgaria's experience with N2000 management

Case study: Example of transborder cooperation in the frame of Natura 2000 between Bulgaria and Romania


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