The Enter! project of the Council of Europe

For the Council of Europe, social cohesion is firmly based on human rights (as codified in the European Convention on Human Rights and the Revised European Social Charter), as well as an acceptance of shared responsibility for the welfare of all members of society, especially those who are at risk of poverty or exclusion. In line with this, the youth policy of the Council of Europe aims at providing young people with equal opportunities and experience which enable them to develop knowledge, skills and competencies to play a full part in all aspects of society.

Enter! is among the priorities of the Youth for Democracy programme of the Council of Europe. It supports youth work and youth policy measures to eradicate the poverty, discrimation, violence and exclusion faced by young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Enter! is based on the Recommendation CM/Rec (2015)3 on the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights. Other relevant standards of the Council of Europe include include Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)7 on young people’s access to rights and Recommendation on youth work CM/rec (2017)4.


The project includes several types of interventions:

  • Enter! long-term training courses (LTTCs) for youth workers. Three editions of LTTCs have been organised in 2009 – 2012, 2013 - 2014 and 2017-2018.
  • Direct consultations with young people to ensure their voices are included in youth policy orientations of the youth sector of the Council of Europe. Enter! youth meeting in 2011 in 2011 and 2015 and Enter! Youth Week 2019.
  • Support measures for local authorities youth and social workers to implement the Enter! Recommendation
  • Thematic seminars / Study sessions with youth organisation at the European Youth Centres in Budapest and Strasbourg and research on youth work and youth policy aspects related to access to social rights for young people.
  • The production and dissemination of educational resources about social right, such as Enter Dignityland!

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Enter!* involves a wide variety of partners, from international bodies and organisations to local authorities, all reunited by the commitment to improve access to social rights for young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods including:

*Enter! was originally designed and initiated thanks to a voluntary contribution from Flanders