The new Enter! LTTC

The 4th edition of the Enter! Long-term training for Youth Workers was launched in August 2021 with 33 participants from 23 countries. The participants are devising projects which put in practice the Enter! Recommendation and Youth Work Recommendation and innovate youth work activities with young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The initial seminar of the Enter! European level youth worker training was held from 6 to 13 September in Budapest, with an aim to contribute to the quality, access and diversity of youth work and its social and political role in addressing violence, discrimination and exclusion faced by young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

As a result of the initial training 33 youth work projects were designed by participants from 22 different states. The projects use youth work to improve the access to social rights of young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods focusing on access to education, employment, promoting social inclusion, engaging young people in the social dialogue and local policy making.

The evaluation and consolidation seminar of the course was held from 1 to 9 October 2022 at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg during which the projects and learning experiences of the participants during the practice phase were evaluated. The learning cycle of the course was completed by reviewing and addressing additional competences identified in the evaluation process with inputs from other Council of Europe sectors and experts of the Enter! project.

The course evaluation will be completed in December 2022.


 More information is available at the Concept note for the Enter! Long-term training for youth workers 2021-2022.