The third edition of the long-term training course was built as a contribution towards the implementation of the Enter! Recommendation, bringing the direct input of youth workers and local and regional authorities and bridging experiences from the local to the national and European levels.

The group of youth workers and municipality representatives have been tasked to implement a Council of Europe policy on the local level which created spaces for learning and development of sustainable cooperation.

The activities undertaken to implement the Enter! Recommendation locally, request different intersectoral cooperation which revealed the many pitfalls and some opportunities in the future. However, the existence of the Enter! Recommendation was a good argument for advocacy from the side of the participants, resulting in several unofficial translations of the document (in Romania and Hungary).

The cooperation activities between youth workers and local authorities had different impact on the youth policies among which some successful examples were produced: in Cahul, Moldova, the municipality used the Enter! Recommendation as part of their funding scheme for youth work projects, and in Niregyhaza, Hungary, an intersectional youth advisory group was created to secure that the youth workers, teachers, social workers and public administration are cooperating to prevent early school leaving as one of the key issues in the disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

The LTTC was composed of four phases:

  • A preparatory phase, allowing the participants to get to know each other and create first links with the local and regional authorities so they can further develop projects together.
  • An initial training seminar, held at the European Youth Centre Budapest from 21-29 May 2017. The training seminar was an essential element of the course, allowing for participants to develop and ownership of the training process, set up objectives for learning and development, mastering the institutional and educational frameworks of the course and develop improve their competences on the key curriculum elements.
  • A practice phase including project implementation, e-learning and mentoring phase lasted from June 2017 to June 2018. During this phase participants implemented local youth projects in cooperation with local authorities, based in their sending organisation or institution. E-learning modules as well as mentoring and peer-support groups were also provided.
  • An evaluation seminar, which took place at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg from 12-19 June 2018. During the seminar the participants evaluated their learning and the impact of their projects on the local level policies, the young people and the local authorities.

Read more about the third Enter! Long-term training course in the course documentation: Concept paper and structural proposal for the 3rd Enter! long term training course (2017-2018) by Nadine Lyamouri-Bajja

Download the list of participants and projects done during LTTC 2017-2018