International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – Launch of the ICC Manual on community policing

21 March 2019 Strasbourg, France

Europe’s social structure has become more and more diverse: its citizens have plural identities, different ethnic origins, religions, identities, sexual orientations, and social classes. Yet, while diversity could be managed as a strength to make societies more dynamic, prosperous, and creative,...

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Intercultural integration academy in Iceland

25-29 March 2019 Reykjavik, Iceland

An Intercultural Integration Academy will be held in Iceland on 25-29 March organised by the Council of Europe (Intercultural cities programme), the Ministry of Social Affairs and UNHCR. The Academy will focus on intercultural competence for social workers, municipal officials, police officers...

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Intercultural Cities Expert visit to Oeiras, Portugal

20-21 March 2019 Oeiras, Portugal

On 20-21 March the ICC will carry out an expert visit to Oeiras (Portugal), one of the most recent ICC members. A representative of the Council of Europe, an independent expert and the coordinator of the Portuguese Network of Intercultural Cities (RPCI) will meet the Mayor and other city...

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Growing ICC consciousness of residents fosters Sumy City authorities to launch the ICC Strategy development

14-15 March 2019 Sumy, Ukraine

On March 14-15 2019, minority representatives, educators, public servants, policemen/women, journalists and the representatives of local civil society organisations participated in an open discussion with Sumy city administrators about the status of intercultural policy implementation in the...

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From a city for everyone to a city for everyone involved

Klaksvík, Faroe Islands

The city of Klaksvík is revising its integration policy to expand upon a city that is for everyone to everyone involved. The first integration policy laid an integration foundation of understanding, belonging, and promotion. Today, Klaksvík wants to add involvement that naturally brings out...

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The role of education in supporting refugees’ integration - joint event in Strasbourg

1st March 2019 Strasbourg, France

The role of education in supporting the integration of refugees in their host societies was the topic of a roundtable organised by the Council of Europe, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Intercultural City of Strasbourg on 1 March at the Strasbourg City Hall (Hôtel de...

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Intercultural experts visited the cities of Izhevsk and Kepez

Last February, Izhevsk (Russian Federation) and Kepez (Turkey) received ICC experts’ visits. The aim of experts’ visits is to deepen the assessment of the community´s perception of diversity, representation in the local debate and decision-making of minority/migrants groups, spatial segregation...

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New Intercultural Integration Plan for Limerick

Limerick has launched its 3rd integration plan: “belonging to Limerick City and County integration plan 2018-2022” which builds upon the principles of the Intercultural cities programme. “The aim of Belonging to Limerick 2018-22 is to work towards creating a vibrant, inclusive and truly...

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Including migrants in emergency management: a course for local-level practitioners

28 February 2019

In our increasingly diverse communities, natural/technological disasters and other emergencies are ever more likely to affect migrants and foreign nationals alongside native residents. At the same time, empowering migrants to contribute to risks and emergency management together with native...

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Intercultural Cities presented at the Seminar on “Migration and inclusion in the European Union”

25-26 February 2019 Valencia, Spain

A seminar to analyse migration and inclusion policies in the European Union with a focus on regional and municipal experiences took place in Valencia last 25-26 February. The seminar was organised by the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Valencia regional government, in...

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