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The European University Association

The European University Association (EUA), is the umbrella organisation of both the European universities and the national rectors' conferences. It was created in 2001 in merger of the CRE and the Confederation of EU Rectors’ Conferences.

The EUA's main objective is the development of a coherent system of European higher education and research. The EUA aims to achieve this through active support and guidance to its members:

  • o Strengthening the role universities play in the emerging European Higher Education and Research Areas (EHEA and ERA) through contributing to and influencing policy debate and developing projects and other membership services in the interest of its members;
  • o Working with member institutions through the organisation of membership services and the implementation of projects on key issues that aim to improve quality and strengthen individual universities' European profiles;
  • o Enhancing the European dimension in higher education and promoting the flow of information through the organisation of regular meetings and conferences as well as through the preparation and publication of studies analysing current trends and highlighting examples of good practice;
  • o Providing advocacy on behalf of its members, both at the European level to promote common policies, and at the international level to promote increased cooperation and enhance the visibility of European higher education in a global context.

For further information please consult the European University Association web site.

We also provide relevant documents, policy statements and results of the work of the European University Association. These are sorted according to main topics connected with the European Higher Education Area.

General documents


The so-called Trends I report: Trends in Learning Structures in Higher Education, published by the CRE and the Confederation of EU Rectors’ Conferences in 1999


The so-called Trends II report: Towards the European Higher Education Area: survey of main reform from Bologna to Prague, published in 2001


The so-called Trends III report: Progress towards the European Higher Education Area, published in 2003


Graz Declaration: Forward from Berlin: the role of universities to 2010 and beyond, 2003


Salamanca Declaration: Shaping the European Higher Education Area


European Credit Transfer System


European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – Key Features


The State of Implementation of ECTS in Europe, survey conducted in 2002


Quality Assurance


Draft final report 2002-2003 of the Quality Culture Project


The European Dimension of Higher Education


Survey on Joint and Master Degrees in Europe, published in 2002


Joint Masters Initiative – final report


Information on the Doctoral Programmes Project


Lifelong learning


EUA communication on the European Commission’s Memorandum on Lifelong Learning


Student Participation and Higher Education Governance


Special issue of EUA’s Thema on Strategic Management and Universities’ Institutional Development


The European Research Area


Policy paper concerning the establishment of the European Research Council


Trade in Higher Education and GATS


EUA and ESIB joint declaration: An Academic Community on the Move


EUA, ACE, CHEA and AUCC joint declaration: Higher Education and GATS