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Qualifications Framework in Azerbaijan
Baku, 12 June 2007

The seminar on ‘Qualifications Framework in Azerbaijan’, co-organised by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe, took place in Baku on 12 June 2007. It was attended by some 25 participants (representatives of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan and vice-rectors of major Azeri universities.)

The objective of the seminar was to:

    o Take stock of the progress achieved in Azerbaijan in designing national qualifications framework

    o Contribute to building a common understanding between all the stakeholders in Azerbaijan on the purposes, design and implementation of the qualifications framework.

    o Provide expert assistance in identifying critical issues, which need to be addressed in Azerbaijan for successful design of the qualifications framework

Stock-taking demonstrated that Azeri national authorities are taking their first steps in discussing the design of qualifications framework in Azerbaijan and the seminar contributed to clarification of the concepts and issues involved;

As a result of the seminar, upon request of Azeri authorities, relevant documents on qualifications framework will be translated into Azeri language with the assistance of the Council of Europe, which will greatly facilitate further work.

The conclusions of the seminar pointed to the necessity of setting up a working group, comprising different stakeholders (Ministry of Education, universities, employers, student organisations, local centres on recognition of qualifications), with the objective of developing a National Qualifications Framework of Azerbaijan, in line with the Framework of Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area. It is recommended using Dublin generic descriptors of learning outcomes as a basis in developing such framework.

Main documents


‘The Framework of Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area’ by Mr Stuart Garvie, Council of Europe expert

‘Designing a national qualifications framework: Hungarian experience’ by Eva Gönczi, Council of Europe expert

‘Frameworks of Qualifications: Irish Experience’ by Stuart Garvie, Council of Europe expert